The Biggest Little Brother


The Biggest Little Brother

Getting adjusted to a new baby can be tough,
however, what happens when a new, older,
sibling comes into the family?

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Meet the Author: Aminata Jalloh

Aminata’s debut children’s book, The Biggest Little Brother began as a story loosely based on her own experiences growing up as a first-generation American and blossomed into a children's book reflecting the changing landscape of American families.

Praise for
The Biggest Little Brother

“The Biggest Little Brother, finds a unique balance of telling a feel good story of an immigrant family in a way all children can relate to and all parents would enjoy reading.”
       - Sarah Inglemann

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    Washington, DC— June 2017 — Washingtonian author, Aminata Jalloh, returns to the District to begin the first leg of her US speaking tour for the heartwarming and inclusive children’s book about an immigrant family living in the United States. Called, “The Biggest Little Brother,” the book is inspired by Jalloh’s experience growing up as a first-generation Sierra Leonean-American. “As I looked for children’s literature that would explore the changes siblings …... Read More »

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